Kalayaan Hall, Malacanang Palace
J. P. Laurel Street, San Miguel, 1005, Manila
Tel. Nos.:521-23-01 to 10 local 6901 and 6916/733-36-24/733-86-58
Fax Nos.:732-93-15

This office provides the overall direction for the national goverment's public information program. It has the following functions: 1) to formulate and implement an integrated program of information and developmental communication on the work of the Presidency; 2) to develop public understanding of govermental activities and policies; and 3) to enhance public trust and support at the national, regional, municipal, and barangay levels.

Secretary - Hector R. R. Villanueva
Undersecretary for developmental Information Services - Honesto M. Isleta
Undersecretary for Presidential Information Services - Marcelo S. Lagmay

Bureaus/Agencies Under the Office of the Press Secretary

Bureau of Broadcast Services (BBS)
Bohol Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. No.: 924-26-07/924-27-45
Fax No.: 924-27-45

Main Function: To provide nationwide broadcast services to meet the communication requirements of the goverment and the Presidency.

The radio serves as an effective communication medium by which public reactions and questions on specific issues are answered directly by the President. An access to a nationwide broadcasting system provides information on policies, programs, and directions of the goverment and the Presidency.

Director - Rafael Dante Cruz

Bureau of Communications Services (BCS)
PCS Bldg., 310 San Rafael St., San Miguel, Manila
Tel. Nos.: 734-21-19/734-21-20
Fax No.: 734-21-18

Main function: Communication planning and coordination and preparation of special information programs.

Special publications and audio-visual information materials, e.g., brochures, posters, and press kits, are conceived, produced, and disseminated.

Surveys and polls are undertaken to assess public reactions to existing goverment policies and ongoing programs and activities of the goverment and the Presidency.

Director - Eduardo M. Varona

National Printing Office (NPO)
Port Area, 1002, Manila
Tel. No.: 527-44-82
Fax No.: 527-44-89

Main function: To provide printing and binding services.

The office addresses the need for the goverment printing facility that will take care of all standard and accountable forms, official ballots, and public documents.

The processes undertaken involve production planning and control, composing, lithography, press operation, binding and shipping of finished products, and the maintenance of the printing machines.

Acting Director - Ruben L. Tiagco

News and Information Bureau
National Press Club Bldg., Magallanes Drive
Port Area, 1002, Manila
Tel. No.: 527-82-01
Fax No.: 527-01-88

Main function: To provide domestic and foreign information programs for the goverment and the Presidency.

Through a nationwide public operation, daily news services are provided to subscribers and a system of accreditation is maintained for local and foreign media.

These services are supplemented by specific information materials on the directions, policies, programs, and activities of the government and teh Presidency which are produced and distributed to local and foreign media representatives from time to time.

Director - Lucita C. Sanchez

People's Television 4 Network, Inc. (PTV 4)
Visayas Avenue, Quezon City
Tel. Nos.: 920-65-21 to 44
Fax No.: 920-43-42

Main Functions: 1) To serve primarily as a vehicle for the state for purposes of education, science and technology, arts, culture, and sports in order to foster national pride and identity, 2) to serve as a vehicle for bringing the government closer to the people in order to enhance their awareness of the programs, policies, thrusts, and directions of the government; and 3) to serve as an effective outlet for alternative programming.
General Manager - Ramy S. Diez

Philippine Inforamtion Agency (PIA)
PIA Bldg., Visayas Avenue, 1100, Quezon City
Tel. Nos.: 921-79-41/922-37-92/922-74-44
Fax No.: 920-43-47

Main Functions: - 1) To conduct communication research and developmental information services; and 2) to provide film laboratory services.

Three broad concerns are addressed in the first function - communication research, information generation and dissemination, and institutional development.

The processing and printing of films for in-house, government, and private-sector projects are carried out to ensure high-quality film documentaries, short features, and institutional educational materials on government programs.

Director General - Honesto M.Isleta

Presidential Broadcast Staff (PBS)
Malacanang Compound, J.P. Laurel Street
San Miguel, 1005, Manila
Tel. Nos.: 733-37-13/742-23-71 Fax No.: 735-61-75

Main Function: - To provide radio-TV coverages on presidential activities.

The documentation of presidential activities and special events is performed through electronic media coverage and coordination with private broadcast media. Services like dubbing and electronic media coverage of their outstanding accomplishments are rendered to foreign and local agencies/organizations.

Executive Director - Gloria M. Mara

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