The executive power is vested in the President of the Philippines who is directly elected by the qualified voters of the country. He holds office for a term of six years, without reelection. He lives in a former palace called Malacanang.  

The President: 1) controls all executive departments, bureaus, and offices of the government; 2) exercises general supervision over local governments; and 3) sees to it that all laws are faithfully executed.  

As the Commander-in-chief of all the Armed Forces of the Philippines, he can call out any unit of these services as may be needed to quell, prevent, or suppress any lawless violence, invasion, insurrection, or rebellion. When public safety so requires, he may suspend the writ of haeas corpus and place any part of the country under martial law.  

With the consent of the Commission on Appointment of Congress, the President also appoints all heads of departments, bureaus, and offices. The heads of the departments constitute his "official family" or his Cabinet. They help him administer the various functions of the government. 

In addition, the President can grant pardons, reprieves, and commutations of sentence of all offenses, except in cases of impeachment. And with the concurence of Congress, he may also grant amnesty. Finally, he can conclude treaties with foreign countries, subject to the ratification by the Senate; appoint ambassadors, ministers, and consuls, with the consent of the Commission on Appointments; and recieve ambassadors and ministers of foreign countries accredited to the government of the Philippines. 

His Excellency, Hon. Fidel V. Ramos, is the current President of the Republic of the Philipines, as of this writing (January 1997).  

Office of the President
Office of the Vice President 
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