The Vision

Service to the nation through the collection and preservation of the country's historical and cultural heritage and development and utilization of library information technologies to provide the research needs and linkages of individual and institutional users both inside and outside the country.

The Mission

The National Library of the Philippines as the repository of the printed and recorded cultural heritage of the country and other intellectual, literary and information sources shall provide access to these resources for our people's intellectual growth, citizenship building, life-long learning and enlightenment. To fulfill this mission the Library provides facilities and resources; national bibliographic services, and a system of public libraries and information centers throughout the country.

The Objectives
  1. To acquire and preserve all Filipiniana materials;

  2. To provide national bibliographic services;

  3. To develop, in cooperation with the local government units, a system of public libraries and information centers throughout the country;

  4. To provide information, reference and research resources to the public, and information needs for the blind and visually impaired;

  5. To promote, establish and maintain national and international standards in library and information services; and

  6. To implement Presidential Decree (PD) 49 or Copyright Law and PD 812 or the Legal and Cultural Deposit Law