Balicasag Island

The magic of Balicasag--only six kilometers from Panglao Island in Bohol--lies beneath the deep blue sea.Tropical fish weave streaks of brilliant color among the numerous corals of all shapes and sizes. Underwater rock formations harbor fascinating marine life of all species. Breeding areas and fish feeding stations provide endless interesting dives for scuba enthusiasts.
At Balicasag Island, rare underwater treats abound. Crystal-clear waters extend 50 meters from shoreline up to a depth of 15 feet. There are also drop-offs more than 20 feet for experienced divers.
Ashore, experience the beauty of untamed nature; the warmth of open sky and days of sunshine, the cooling sea waters, the stretch of fine sand. In keeping with the natural setting, native-style duplex cottages provide overnighters with naturally ventillated rooms and individual private baths. Enjoy good dining at the native-style restaurant and share experiences with friends.

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Source: Philippine Tourism Authority