About the CORE

The PHNET Common Routing Exchange (CORE) is a not-for-profit, settlement-free, layer 2, exchange point for routing Intra-Philippine traffic. PHNET provides the rack space, 100 mbps switch, route reflector, and all other facilities for CORE participants. Participants provide their own router, router cables, and telecom circuit terminated at PHNET. Through PHNET's route reflector, the participants are able to exchange BGP4 routes with each other and exchange Internet traffic through the PHNET 100 mbps switch.

Benefits of Joining the CORE

  1. Decongest international links by routing local Philippine traffic through the CORE instead of the more expensive International Private Lines (IPLs).

  2. CORE is a Telco-neutral exchange. Participants can choose their favorite telco to provision the circuit to PHNET.

  3. Faster access to and from other Philippine Internet sites.

  4. For research and academic institutions, transit to the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network

  5. Superior network management services provided by PHNET's technical staff.

Requirements for Joining CORE

An ISP must

  1. Have its own global Internet connectivity independent of CORE

  2. Be registered with the National Telecommunications Commission as an ISP

  3. Be a member of the Philippine Internet Service Organization

  4. Provide its own data link, minimum of 128k, to the PHNET Network Operations Center located in the Asian Institute of Management Conference Center, Benavidez corner Trasierra Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City

  5. Provide its own router capable of BGP-4

  6. Have its own AS number

  7. Agree that in no event shall PHNET be liable for any damages (including without limitation, direct or indirect damages for personal injury, loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary loss) arising from the operations of CORE and PHNET.

  8. Agree to peer with all CORE participants

CORE Policies

  1. Each participant exchanges traffic with its peer(s) through a PHNET-provided Ethernet hub/switch.

  2. Participants must peer with the PHNET route server.

  3. No member may elect to drop peers selectively.

  4. Each participant is only required to accept the routes found in the PHNET Routing Arbiter.

  5. The minimum circuit to connect to CORE is 128 kbps.

  6. Each participant is responsible for ensuring that routes from its upstream IPL are not advertised to CORE.

  7. Each participant is responsible for ensuring that traffic entering its network from CORE and terminating outside its network is filtered.

  8. Each participant is responsible for ensuring that routes from CORE are not advertised to its upstream provider.

  9. Participants with an average link utilization of 70% or above, for seven (7) consecutive days, measured during the time period of 0800-1800H Philippine Standard Time, are required to upgrade their circuit to CORE one month after the occurrence of such an event in order to bring the link utilization below 70%.

  10. Participants can not charge for any incoming or outgoing traffic.

  11. PHNET will provide the space, electricity, air-conditioning, and Ethernet connection for each participant

  12. PHNET will provide support confined to "remote eyes", "remote hands", "remote ears", and "remote noses". PHNET will not perform any operation or adjustment requiring the use of tools. Such an operation must be undertaken by the concerned ISP.

  13. The participants are responsible for their own equipment. Under no circumstances will PHNET be responsible for any damages to any equipment hosted by CORE..

  14. ISP representatives can visit the PHNET NOC during office hours, 8:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 - 5:00pm but must call ahead of time to confirm their visit.

  15. PHNET reserves the right to disconnect any participant for any violation of these policies. Participant in violation of these policies will be notified when PHNET takes such a drastic action.

  16. PHNET will provide transit to its Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) connection for qualified research and academic institutions which are members of the participating

  17. PHNET reserves the right to modify the policies at any given time to ensure the proper operation of the CORE

Charges and Fees

PHNET is a non-stock, not-for-profit foundation and charges PhP 8,000/month for a 100mbps connection purely to recover its operational costs for CORE.


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