• Chief Presidential Legal Counsel 
  • Housing and HUDCC Chairman 
  • Peace Process 
  • Political Affairs 
  • Presidential Committee on Flagship Programs and Projects 
  • Presidential Council for Countryside Development (PCCD) 
  • Presidential Legislative Adviser and PLLO Head 
  • Presidential Security Adviser and NSC Director-General 
  • Youth Affairs 

  • Chief Presidential Legal Counsel - Renato L. Cayetano
    Rm. 1-A, New Executive Bldg., Malacanang Compound
    J.P. Laurel St., San Miguel, 1005, Manila
    Tel. Nos. : 521-23-01 to 10 local 5100/712-54-24
    Fax. No. : 712-54-14 

    Main function: - To provide legal advise to the President, review pertinent government contracts, and recommend policy actions on legal matters as may be directed by the President. 

    Presidential Adviser on Housing and HUDCC Chairman - Dionisio C. Dela Serna
    6th Floor, Atrium Bldg., Makati Avenue, Makati City
    Tel. Nos. : 811-41-68/811-41-70
    Fax No. : 811-41-58

    Main function: - To coordinate and monitor all the efforts and activitied of the government housing and ensure the accomplishment of the National Shelter Program. 

    Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process - Manuel T. Yan
    7F, Agustin I Bldg., Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
    Tel. Nos. : 636-07-02 to 06/636-38-01 to 06
    Fax Nos. : 631-16-14/635-40-53

    Main function: - To manage and supervise the comprehensive peace process. 

    Presidential Adviser on Political Affairs - Gabriel S. Claudio
    New Exceutive Bldg., Malacanang Palace, San Miguel, 1005, Manila
    Tel. Nos. : 521-23-01/735-60-91
    Fax No. : 735-60-91

    Main functions: - 1) To process referrals and endorsements to departments, agencies, or offices, involving requests for assistance; 2) to process administrative and technical matters coming from the Presidential Action Center and the Political Affairs Office; 3) to assist the President, the Executive Secretary, and the Cabinet in the formulation of political decisions; and 4) to gather, evaluate, and analyze political information and/or data in the furtherance of its functions. 

    Presidential Committee on Flagship Programs and Projects - Emilio M. R. Osmena
    Ground Floor, National Security Council Bldg.
    Malacanang Park, San Miguel, 1005, Manila
    Tel. No. : 521-24-14 Fax No. : 524-02-07

    Main function: - To monitor the flagship projects identified by the President, trouble-shoot if there are problems in the implementation of the same, and make recommendations. 

    What's New?? 

    Fourteen flagship projects worth P8.1 billion were delayed by four percent, mainly due to the poor performance of theur contractors, according to the Presidential Adviser on Flagship Programs and Projects, Emilio Osmena. Osmena also disclosed that nine projects worth P16.5 billion were completed during the first six months of 1996, bringing to 24 the total number of projects completed under the government's much-touted flagship program. 

    Osmena said the biggest delay was reported in the P339-million Calauag (Quezon)-Del Gallego (Camarines Norte) road project, which is 57 percent behind schedule. Another problematic project is the P266-million Davao City-Digos road project, which has been delayed by 53 percent due to the "nonperformance" of its contractor. Osmena said that the DPWH had already appointed a new contractor for the project. 

    Presidential Council for Countryside Development (PCCD) - Daniel L. Lacson, Jr.
    Negros Navigation Bldg., 849
    Pasay Road, Makati City
    Tel. Nos. : 818-37-04/818-40-09 0
    Fax No. : 816-34-84

    Main functions: 1) To identify and recommend target provinces for the implementation of an accelerated conprehensive countryside development program; 2) to initiate discussions with local government executives and private sector representatives, through the appropriate departments and agencies in order to draft a master plan for countryside development in its target areas, and 3) to recommend the conceptualization and implementation of pilot projects in priority areas, in coordination with LGUs and NGOs. 

    What's New?? 

    "The countryside means business." 

    Thus said former Negros Occidental Governor Daniel Lacson and head of the Presidential Council for Countryside Development (PCCD), to participants in the Second EntrePinoy Convention and Study Mission. 

    Held in Bacolod City, the PCCD-sponsored convention was attended by 300 small and start-up entreprenuers from 20 provinces across the country. 

    "The world is a wide market for the emerging entreprenuers to conquer, but the entreprenuers must come in full force and produce what the world needs in bulk," Lacson said. 

    The attending enterprenuers were engaged in the handicraft business, abaca products, hand-made papers, pottery, woodcraft, cococraft, food and food packaging, and holiday decors. 

    Presidential Legislative Adviser and Head, Presidential Legislative Liaison Office (PLLO) - Narciso S. Nario, Jr.
    Ground Floor, Main Bldg., Batasan Hills, Quezon City
    Tel. Nos. : 931-50-01 local PLLO/931-57-18/931-64-23
    Fax Nos. : 931-57-18/931-66-71

    Among its major functions are : 1) to promote presidential intiatives and act as a conduit between the Office of the President and the individual members of Congress, NGOs, and other cooperative interest groups supportive of the President; 2) to act as presidential link to other interest groups supportive of the President in order to build support behind the President's programs; and 3) to act as Presidential Adviser on legislative affairs. 

    Presidential Security Adviser and Director-General, National Security Council - Jose T. Almonte
    NICA Compound, East Avenue, Cor. V. Luna Road
    Diliman, 1104, Quezon City
    Tel. Nos. : 712-54-26/922-73-31/922-73-82/922-95-25
    Fax No. : 922-28-92
    The National Security Council advises the President on the defense and security of the nation. 

    Presidential Adviser on Youth Affairs - Amina Rasul-Bernardo
    National Youth Commission, Filomena Bldg.
    San Rafael St., San Miguel, 1005, Manila
    Tel. Nos. : 734-77-21/831-17-18
    Fax No. : 734-60-62

    Main functions: 1) To formulate and coordinate youth development programs and projects; 2) to act as a direct link between the government and the youth sector on various youth-related projects; and 3) to encourage the active participation of the youth in all government and private programs, projects, and activities aimed at nation-building. 

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