EDU.PH DNS Service

PHNET is the sole registry for the EDU.PH and PH.NET domains. Any insitution which wants to use a name under either of these two domains (i.e. or must register with PHNET. Please use the form found in to apply for such a domain name.

This service is governed by this Service Agreement (HTML,PDF) and General Policy (HTML, PDF).

DNS Hosting Service

PHNET can maintain and operate the primary DNS service for any organization. Because our redundant servers and networks run 24x7, this DNS Hosting service provides institutions uninterrupted DNS service for their domain. Your institution does not have to worry about running its own DNS servers anymore.

Please use the form found in to apply for this service. This service is governed by this Service Agreement (HTML,PDF).

For those new to the Internet, PHNET can set-up and configure an Open-source Domain Name Server, Mail Server, and Web Server for your institution for PhP 10,000 only. You don't have to pay any licenses for any of the software we install because we use Free/Open Source Software -- which you are free to use, to copy, to modify, and to redistribute. They are the same kind of software that PHNET has been using since 1994!

Digital Certificates

PHNET has been the EDU.PH registry since 1994. It has an unimpeachable vetting and certification process to ensure that only bona-fide educational institutions register their institutions under the EDU.PH domain and that these registrations are duly approved and authorized by the same institutions. We use the same process for issuing our Digital Certificates. You can trust PHNET's Digital Certificates!

If you wish to obtain a Digital Certificate from PHNET, please use the form found in to apply for one. This service is governed by this Service Agreement (HTML,PDF).

World Wide Web Hosting Service

PHNET offers web hosting services to educational institutions, non-government and government organizations. The hosting service takes advantage of PHNET's rich connectivity to the Internet and its 24x7 operations. Our basic package is at PhP 1,000/month for a minimum three-month service. It is just what you need when you are starting to get on the Web.

Please use the form found in to apply for this service. This service is governed by this Service Agreement (HTML,PDF).

If you don't have a website yet, PHNET can create one for your institution. Costing is based on the extent of the needed work.

Email: support AT for more information

Common Routing Exchange

The PHNET Common Routing Exchange (CORE) is a not-for-profit, settlement-free, layer 2, exchange point for routing Intra-Philippine traffic. PHNET provides the facilities to allow the participants to exchange IP traffic bilaterally or multilaterally. [ More details ]


PHNET conducts hands-on seminars on the following topics to help users and organizations familiarize themselves with the Internet. Our resource persons have had extensive technical experience in the Internet and have taught in the most prestigious universities in the Philippines. Our trainors not only have the theoretical knowledge with their Computer Science degrees. They also have the practical experience running the PHNET networks. Some have been involved in the Internet since 1989 and they know how to teach!

Fees are variable depending on the course.

Email: support AT for more information

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