If you are searching for an investment location, you don't have to look any further. Here is the Philippines, offering you the best promise for growth. Consider the following operational advantages offered by the Philippines to potential investors:
  1. Strategic Location for Global Exports - The country is ideally situated within the world's fastest growing region, lying at the crossroads of international shipping and air lines.

  2. Highly Educated Professionals and Workers - Filipinos are among the best educated, highly trainable, creative, and English-speaking labor force in Asia. Many of them are computer-literate. Investors will find it easy to recruit the needed labor force, which is increasing every year because of an educational system that is designed to produce qualified graduates. In addition, managers and technical staff are well-known for their competence and dynamism.

  3. A Stable and Democratic Government - The Philippines is now enjoying political stability: hence, the government can devote more of its time and effort to the strengthening of the economy. Attracting foreign investments is one of the top-priority programs of the Ramos government. And so, it has been supporting projects and measures which make the investment climate even more attractive, more friendly, more attuned to international developments, and more globally competitive.

  4. Continually Improving and Expanding Infrastructure - The Philippine government has also been upgrading the water and power supply, roads, air and sea ports, telecommunication systems, and other support facilities.

  5. Rich Natural Resources - The country still has vast and untapped natural resources. The government has been encouraging foreign investors to take active participation in developing and discovering new and alternative resources.

  6. Liberal Policies and Procedures - The government has passed many laws which greatly enhance foreign investments. Two examples are the Omnibus Investments Code of 1987 and the Foreign Investments Act of 1991. These laws have opened up more areas to 100-percent foreign equity and assured full repatriation of their earnings and capital. Moreover, there is minimal disruption of business activities because of the stable peace and order situation in the country

  7. Growing Market - With its population of over 68 million, the Philippines has a large and demanding domestic market. Combining it with the export market, which still remains insufficiently served, offers vast opportunities for productive investments.

  8. High Standard Lifestyle at Low Cost - Investors can obtain, at reasonable costs, first-rate business, housing, educational, recreational, leisure, and shopping facilities in Metro Manila and in major cities all over the counry. On health care, there are many modern and well-equipped hospitals throughout the country.
With these competitive advantages, the Philippines emerges as an ideal choice for foreign investment.

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